(Vietnam Seafood ) – Is originally a private enterprise. Thong Thuan  Ltd Company has being overcome all challenges to improve capacity and develop business by applying the suitable, qualitative, effective approaches in order to become a trust seafood enterprise for aquacultural farmers in the country, a big brand in the seafood field.

Synchronous Investment

Thong Thuan Co., LTD was established follow the certificate of business registration number 004339/GP-TLDN by the Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Thuan province on August 11th 1999 at Vinh Tan village, Tuy Phong province, Binh Thuan with the main business consists of: seed industry and commercial shrimp farming, processing export shrimp production.

Quality seed shrimp production

Thong Thuan has 7 hatchery-zones with above 100 modern areas (awarded Global Gap certificate, ACC by European and USA). Annually, the company produces more than 5 billion high quality prawn seeds that adapt climate and soil condition in Vietnam. After a long time studying and selecting from the best brood-stock resources in the world; The technique of producing must complied with strict process and is performed by a team of skilled workers and highly qualified and experienced technicians.

Commercial shrimp farming

In addition, there are also many shrimp farms with a lot of big farm is located at province:  Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan and Kien Giang. A large number of farms are certified Global Gap, ACC with productivity up to 10.000-12.000 tons/year. The shrimp of Thong Thuan system is always bread and fed according to modern biotechnology technology processes and strictly conform to food quality standards. With a number of big farms spread along around central and southwest, the company annual supplies material resource for processing facilities system and domestic market.

Thong Thuan’s Commercial shrimp is always received good reviews of quality and safety from market, with many farms is invested efficiently and modernly:

Ninh Hoa Farm: size of the farm is 30 hectares and 30 ponds. The productivity is above 400 tons/year; Cam Ranh Farm: with the size up to 75 hectares and 106 ponds. The output is about 1.400 tons /year; Phan Rang Farm: with smaller size of 16 hectares and 16 ponds, the capacity only gets 260 tons/year; and the big farm: Nui Tau Farm; with the size of 160 hectares and 170 ponds, The productivity annual reaches to 2.500 tons /year. Phuoc The farm: 31 ha and 50 ponds, production of 650 tons/year; Kien Giang farm: 300 ha with 3 facilities as bellows:

+ Farming No.1: 75 hectares with 80 ponds, the productivity is 1.000 tons/year.

+ Farming No.2: 90 hectares with 137 ponds. Output is 1.500 tons/year.

+ Farming No.3: 135 hectares with 244 ponds, the productivity is about 2.500 tons/year.

Moreover, other farms are also investing to expand aquaculture area. Thong Thuan-Kien Giang is expected to be completed by 2015 with the size of farm reaching to ​​1,200 hectares including 1,000 hectares of shrimp farming and 200 hectares of tilapia farming. Meanwhile shrimp production in Kien Giang will increase 13,000 tons of commercial shrimp/year.

Processing and exporting seafood products

With strength of breeding shrimp areas, quality commercial shrimp and proactive material resource, the company has strongly invested of export processing seafood field. Until now, Thong Thuan has owned 2 factories in operation with output achieving international standards to meet the demand of requirements of many fastidious markets such as the EU, Japan, Korea, Middle East ...

Thong Thuan Company Limited – Kien Giang Branch : : the main field is the commercial shrimp farming and achieves GlobalGAP certification 3 stars, ACC to yield more than 4,500 tons / year. Currently, the company is investing to extend farms and seafood processing plants including 2 production areas: the export shrimp processing area with export shrimp volume of 7,000-8,000 tons / year are operating effectively and the fish area with production of 7,500-8,000 tons / year is putting into operation in 2015 with capacity of USD 20 million / year. After operating, the factory will create 3,000 permanent jobs for local workers, ensure output of good in Thong Thuan's farms.

Thong Thuan Company Limited – Ninh Thuan branch: specify in processing for export with the certificates including Global Gap 3 stars, ACC 3 stars, HACCP, IFS, HALAH, etc… Each year, this branch supplies more than 3,000 tons of finished products for market with the sales is about 20 million of USD/year and providing stable jobs for more than 2,000 local employees.

Thong Thuan-Cam Ranh Seafood Joint Stock Company: operate in the field of manufacturing and processing seafood to export. Thank to the advantages of raw material and production process complying with certificates including: Global Gap, ACC 3 stars, HACCP, IFS, HALA…Each year the company can collect about 30 million of US dollars.

More and more firmly

With steady steps and appropriate business strategies, Thong Thuan has achieved much success and has got many international certificates such as: Certificate of Food Safety, BAP Certificate, Truc An BAP Certificate, IFS Certificate, GlobalGAP certificate.

Until now, in addition to providing breed shrimp farming system, Thong Thuan has also provided breed shrimp for farmers throughout the distribution system all over the country. Over the years, Thong Thuan’s breed has completely captured the trust from the farmers, not only by high quality, but also by after-sales services (ex: consulting and supporting farming techniques, delivering breed quickly, timely and spirit of dedicated service…) and competitive price compare to other suppliers.

Recently, in the process to ensure alignment, consistency and completeness from breed producing, farming to processing to export, Thong Thuan built a nursing seed house from broodstock in Nam Dinh in order to provide the quality promptly for serving production for the people of the Northern provinces. This project was invested by the Thong Thuan Corporation- Ha Tinh with a total budget of VND 70 billion. The project, building on an area of 8.1 ha, will have 27 shrimp hatchery and parent shrimp nursing houses. The target production is 3 to 3.5 billion seed/ year, including 12-15 postlarvae and medium shrimp, supplying shrimp for farmers from Quang Tri to Nam Dinh, especially the farmers in Ha Tinh. The project will solve jobs for more 100 labor when it comes into operation on March, 2015. And followed by the inauguration of shrimp processing exporting factory 2 (expected to produce 8,000 tone/year, revenue $50 million/year) at Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan on the occasion 15 years anniversary of the establishment company.

After 15 years of establishment and development, Thong Thuan has achieved much success, focus on investing, researching applications of modern production technology in order to create quality breed, free of disease; commercial shrimp meets international standards and is favored by domestic and foreign market. “Thong Thuan” brand has established a strong foothold in the market, satisfies as well as the demands of the producer and business partners.

>>Mr. Truong Huu Thong, General Director of Thong Thuan Company Limited says: At the present, the farming areas are narrower and narrower, the quantity and quality is still slow, not enough to supply to the market in the period “demand is higher supply”. Therefore, the solution maintaining the advantage, increasing the sales from the breed is to find out to build a concentrated breeding area, industrial farming in accordance with production process to ensure breed’s quality, free of disease; finally supply to the big and potential market in the world.

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