Commercial Shrimp Farming

In addition to strong hatchery production, Thong Thuan Co., Ltd (Thong Thuan Group) also invested heavily in the field of commercial shrimp farming.

Commercial shrimp of Thong Thuan Company Limited are farmed and fed on microbial processes of modern technology, strict adherence to the standards stricter food quality.

With a big number of farm raised along stretches throughout Central and South West, supply for the factories system of the company and the national market.

Commercial shrimp of the company has always recieved good comments for quality and safety. The company has a total area and the farming sector as follows:

phan rang farm

Investment Certificate

Certificate of business registration

Kien Giang farm No.1: 80 ha with 80 ponds. Production of 1,000 tons/year

Kien Giang farm No.2: 90 ha with 142 ponds. Production of 1,500 tons/year

Kien Giang farm No.3: 135 ha with 244 ponds. Production of 2,500 tons/year.

Moreover, other farms are also investing to expand the area of aquaculture. 2015 is expected to be completed in the Thong Thuan - Kien Giang will has a farming area up to 1,200 ha with 1,000 ha of shrimp production and 200 ha of tilapia production. Shrimp production in Kien Giang province at that time will increase to 13,000 tons of commercial shrimp per year.

Commercial shrimp production of Thong Thuan Ltd (Thong Thuan Group) will increase to 18,210 tons of commercial shrimp per year.


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