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Thong Thuan Co., LTD was established follow the certificate of business registration number 004339/GP-TLDN by the Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Thuan province on 11 May, 1999.

The forerunner of the Thong Thuan Co., Ltd. is a hatchery facility established in 1990, by Mr. Truong Huu Thong in Vinh Hao Commune, Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province. In the course of history full of ups and downs, the company has grown large and strong to date and confirms the strength: became lead of the nation in the seed industry; commercial shrimp farming, processing seafood export production, tunnel brick and industrial salt production.

Currently the company has flourished and established a strong system consists of units:

1. The hatchery enterprise: included 7-zone production, more than 100 hatchery houses.

Achieving the Global GAP certification, ACC with PL yield more than 5 billion / year.

2. The commercial shrimp farming enterprises: with a large number of farm, spread across 4 provinces of Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Kien Giang. Achieving the Global GAP certification, ACC with output from 10,000 tons to 12,000 tons / year.

3. Thong Thuan Company Limited - Kien Giang: active in the field of commercial shrimp farming. Achieving the Global GAP certification, ACC with output more than 4,500 tons / year. The company is investing to expand aquaculture farm and aquatic products processing factories Thong Thuan - Kien Giang.

4. Thong Thuan - Ninh Thuan  Limited: works on the field of manufacturing and processing aquatic products for export. Achieving the Global GAP certification, ACC 3 stars, HACCP, IFS, HALA ... annual market offers more than 3,000 tonnes output / year. Revenue of $ 20 million / year.

5. Salt industry: investment of up to 235ha area. With the salt production process clean, friendly environment, the quality factor is always top priority. The annual output is 15.000 tons / year.

6. Tunnel brick plant: the biggest tunnel brick plant in central Vietnam, invested with the most advanced technology of the Republic of Germany, strict manufacturing processes and criteria for the purpose of safety and quality. The annual output is 80 million / year.

7. Thong Thuan - Cam Ranh joint stock company limited: working on the production and processing aquatic products for export. With great advantage in active raw materials resource, processing procedures comply with the Global GAP certification, ACC 3 stars, HACCP, IFS, HALA. Annual sales of 30 million USD / year.

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The officers and employees of the company is always eager to work, constantly exploring learning experience, its best with the company principles.

Every employee in the company must :

1. Place the benefits of the company up on personal benefits. Consider the success and development of the company is the career for yourself.

2. Respect the rights of customers and serve customers with all self abilities.

3. Savings is a top priority, the obligation and the responsibility of each member of the company.

4. Working with discipline, creativity and high productivity. Building a civilized lifestyle and healthy.

Development company it is today largely due to the continuous efforts of the founder Truong Huu Thong - Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company and more than 3,500 collective staffs, workers of the units in the Thong Thuan Corporation, plus the consensus of the leaders of local, domestic and foreign customers were interested in supporting.


Vinh Tan Commune, Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province.

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