Penaeus vannamei are aquatic species of high economic value, species have the advantage of the coastal districts. Penaeus vannamei has developed extensively because of a number of characteristics such as: raising short time, high density, fast growth rate, good resistance, feeding intensity, with large productivity, suitable for forms of intensive and semi-intensive. Shrimp after 2.5 to 3 months can reach the commercial size, depending on the condition of the pond and ways to manage commercial white shrimp.

Capture the dominant characteristics of Penaeus vannamei, Thong Thuan Co., Ltd. has developed and towards the development of the Penaeus vannamei with modern micro process technology, strictly abide to the standards strictly food quality.

With a big number of farm raised along stretches throughout Central and South West, supply for the factories system of the company and the national market. By applying advanced technology, strictly farming process, Penaeus vannamei commercial shrimp of the company is always good reviews from market for quality and safety.


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