To meet the increasing needs for quality shrimp seed sources, Thong Thuan Co., Ltd has developed over many seed production facilities in Binh Thuan. With the development model and new manufacturing processes, Thong Thuan Co., Ltd is a shrimp seed production company in Vietnam that can sastify the difficult pressing needs of farmers inside and outside the province. By understanding the selection of good shrimp seed and proper farming technique will determine more than 50% of the success of the crop, Thong Thuan Co., Ltd decided to build a brand with a commitment to provide best quality shrimp seed, providing maximum efficiency for farmers.

To maintain the brand of seed, Thong Thuan Co., Ltd with a team of trained engineers, with many years' experience in training activities with the supervision of a specialized agency quality and safety management all aquatic veterinary in Binh Thuan province. Thong Thuan Co., Ltd production activities according to the new model, select parents shrimp  to ensure the prescribed size, disease-free, healthy, ensure hygiene and aquatic veterinary requirements, do not use chemicals, resistance born in the prohibited list of the Ministry of Fisheries.

Shrimp seed must be quarantined in accordance with quality, branded packaging shrimp will be tested, monitored by the quality and quantity of the supervisory board and the management. Because of the strictly rules and regulations,Thong Thuan Co., Ltd continually developing strong, trusted by farmers on shrimp seed quality.

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